Everest CFS Staff

Dominique Von Hagen, CFS Manager

Email: office@everestcfs.co.nz or dominique@everestcfs.co.nz

Tracey Penfold, CFS Office and Trucking Dispatcher

Email: cartage@everestcfs.co.nz or tracey@everestcfs.co.nz

Tom Crosbie, CFS Office

Email: office@everestcfs.co.nz or tom@everestcfs.co.nz

Kirsten Hedges, CFS Office

Email: office@everestcfs.co.nz or kirsten@everestcfs.co.nz

Russell Kamo, Truck Driver

Russell is our in house truck driver. Let us know if you have any metro deliveries collections that Everest CFS can assist with and Russell will be keen to assist!

Email: office@everestcfs.co.nz

Bruce Cable, Storeman

George Te Namu, Storeman

Tuarua Wilson, Storeman

Allen Goodman, Storeman

Angus Hooper, CFS Courier & Storeman